Hanging Woodpecker Feeder in Reclaimed Wood - Recycled Wood Bird Feeder

$35.00 USD


Product Description

Our favorite kinds of birds to watch, wood-peckers, chickadees, nuthatches and other “clinging” birds, with their zygodactyl feet, will enjoy suet all winter long.

A suet log bird feeder built to handle the woodpecker’s bite with a nice soft calorie-rich treat they will eat when the going gets tough in winter. Suet, made from fat and seeds, provides extra calories for winter birds when food is scarce.

Made from reclaimed cedar wood. Cedar wood is a naturally resistant to the weather and will last a very long time outdoors.

We have cut slots into the sides of the feeder to mimic tree bark, so the birds will have a nice deep texture to hold on to with their feet.

To use, cut your suet cakes into narrow bars down and stuff them in the holes.
Hang from an eve and watch them go nuts for some natural entertainment while delivering your backyard birds an energy-packed treat.

3" x 3" x 9" plus chain.

Chain is 2 feet standard. If you would like a longer or shorter chain, please let us know.

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