Succulent Planter Window Box in Reclaimed Wood

$93.00 USD


Product Description

Our planter boxes are carefully crafted from old-growth reclaimed cedar wood, a slightly oily wood that is naturally resistant to the effects of moisture.

Since we use fine-grained old-growth wood and our tried-and-true assembly methods with waterproof wood glue and double sealed joints, these planters are built to last.

Smoothly sanded, and finished with hand rubbed linseed oil and beeswax, complete with four black rubber bumpers for a visual "lift" and to protect your surfaces.

We re-saw, plane, and refinish old wood, and the occasional nail hole will be visible on the surface in most pieces. We caulk the nail holes from the inside.

To have us not include character markings such as old nail holes, please leave us a message "Smooth" during checkout.

The image shown is our darkest. Western red cedar widely varies in color from cut to cut. We do not use stains or dyes but we do have some planters in a lighter color. Please let us know if you would prefer a lighter color.

3 inches tall
3.5 inches wide
18 inches long

Ships FREE in USA within two business days of order.

Our whole line:

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