Modern Style Wooden Candle Holder

$33.00 USD


Product Description

Recycled wood candle holder with a sleek natural finish and five tea lights.

A dismantled outdoor deck finds it second life as beautifully re-milled wood candle holders. Careful re-sawing and sanding has brought this material back to life. The random nail hole or bits of staining and weathering may be seen from piece to piece. Some pieces are more rustic and some less rustic.

Please let us know your preference "More Rustic" or "Less Rustic" at checkout.

You may see a variety of tones in the photos. Also if you will please let us know your preference of tone, "Lighter", or "Darker".

5/8" inch tall

2.5 inches wide

12 inches long

Modern Style Wooden Candle Holder

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