Item collection 37ca4367 fffc 48b2 bb8b b08ec145d808

Jewelry Rack, Necklace Organizer, Wall Mount, Modern Wood and Metal


Item collection 64c1feac a293 46fd 948e f39b01b3dbd1

Small Reclaimed Wood Planter, Succulent Pot with Angled Sides Angled Sides, Wood Home Decor


Item collection 9f19cfe4 2be1 4da5 8f48 c7341d266f57

Metal Cactus Pots, Succulent Planters, Recycled Metal, Set of Three


Item collection 7c9b47fa fee4 4693 92bf cd926617c5f0

Modern Beeswax Tea Light Candles, Set of Three


Item collection 48633448 1d65 4b85 a800 7bd833133587

iPhone Stand, iPhone Docking Station in Reclaimed Wood, with Non Slip Rubber Pads


Item collection 56b7441c c904 4f4a aaf1 d42a6066d52f

Dark Wood Succulent Planter, Geometric Mid Century Modern Style


Item collection a4527644 c791 4184 8d97 dbdf482c6713

Reclaimed Wood Pen Cup, Eco Friendly Office Decor


Item collection 96fa9802 3e61 4142 83ff ae78236f231e

Reclaimed Wood Minimalist Succulent Planter Pot


Item collection e151fb55 b1c3 48ec 951b c76da6458dd8

Modern Wood Spice Rack, Wall Mountable, Chef Gift, Housewarming Gift


Item collection df7c7e80 0912 4a29 bba9 42caf7b0391c

Marker Holder Wood Block Wall Holder for Sharpies and Dry Erase Markers


Item collection 7b51f350 6875 4ada be3b 48a21d4fea16

White Wood Succulent Planter, Country Rustic Theme Cottage Chic Decor, Wedding Decor, White Distressed Finish


Item collection 1b54d9da 9d72 48e1 b8b3 9d4e0751edd4

Metal Planter, Succulent Planter, Round, Brushed Metal


Item collection 738b0f17 09e8 4d3d ae5c de1b0383e9ae

Wood Sharpie Marker Holder - Dry Erase Marker Holder - Office Supplies


Item collection 305af0e8 10a6 47c1 aa50 a60434ee68e7

Cottage Rustic Succulent Planter, Chic Decor, White Distressed Finish, Rustic Wood Wedding Decor


Item collection af7cd741 b1ef 4366 a1d0 5666982b2437

Tie Rack, Rustic Wood and Modern Metal


Item collection 7361e0a8 b73d 423b 8b6b be08c3b80387

Small Wood Jewelry Rack in Reclaimed Wood with Dark Metal Nails


Item collection 93192ae1 68c2 428e b9e1 7da3e2f8cfc5

Wood and Metal Jewelry Rack, Modern Home Decor


Item collection 5a098e61 8f79 4736 a8a8 eb460699fff1

Vertical Striped Entryway Hooks in Bright Brushed Metal and Wood, Set of Three


Item collection 1e406025 9bc2 4d04 8446 9ad1b69f38ec

Wood iPhone Dock, Charging Stand, Docking Station, Modern, iPhone 5 Stand, iPhone 6, and Similar Sized Phones, Striped Design


Item collection ae88671a b1a0 4014 868f 16415d078293

Hanging Metal Planter - Succulent Planter - With Black Cords


Item collection 9db63a9a 4e55 45e5 b9d9 69b466494eef

Business Card Holder Pencil Cup Combo, Modern Industrial Style Office Supplies, Reclaimed Wood, in Portrait or Landscape, Dark Wood or Light


Item collection 283aff0d f25e 4f5b 9afc a738a35b6cfd

Wall Hooks - Wood Hooks - Home Decor - Coat Hooks - Reclaimed Wood - Metal Hooks - Kitchen - Bath - Entryway - Set of Five


Item collection f8b850b2 0048 4466 b161 66c368f0ecd6

Wood Succulent Planter


Item collection dec30d35 b96a 490b 851a b7fe8144a30a

Metal Minimalist Cylinder Indoor Garden Planter, Modern Accent Piece


Item collection 99ebf83b 53aa 4a97 8197 6db2bb63e6b1

Wall Hook for Headphones in Recycled Wood


Item collection e81214a8 f7e9 4cd0 a42f e7d8f86637d9

Modern Low Profile Spice Rack in Salvaged Wood


Item collection d56d0797 af2b 48e4 99f6 9d0fd18510ee

Striped Wood Business Card Holder of Metal and Recycled Wood


Item collection 400dafd1 09d0 493e b66b cd297dda5701

Modern Square Recycled Wood Succulent Planter Box - Reclaimed Wood - Modern Decor - Indoor Planter


Item collection 77c895f1 389d 4de1 aa87 48cccbac02fd

Recycled Modern Wood Jewelry Display Rack with Metal Hooks


Item collection a238f1a7 29a2 4215 b25d 0e68011aa35b

Reclaimed Wood Jewelry Rack, Modern Rustic with Metal Hooks


Item collection 4956bfcb 93a3 42bf 9cc2 57c6a3fef52f

Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planter Pot


Item collection 14ab5b7e 28a9 4bc7 8fb8 22d82ab126c6

Test Tube Wall Vase, Small Wall Bud Vase


Item collection a1f32869 62ac 4484 b73e b742c876e9e7

Jewelry Rack in Striped Wood


Item collection 962018ad d808 429e 93db 9d24322a27a0

Wall Succulent Planter from Recycled Metal Pipe


Item collection 80df4c8f 7b65 43c1 8fab 4c0477bd4da7

Headphone Hook, Studio Decor, DJ Gift, Audiophile Gift, Wall Headphones Hook


Item collection 8b153e21 df2f 4020 b4d0 6f0dde81f34d

Belt Hook Closet Organizer in Modern Striped Wood with Metal Pegs


Item collection 88cacf25 3c49 4912 bba5 2a68b34b3050

Wood and Metal Business Card Holder


Item collection 8d2ff70b b3cb 4e60 9604 f66eb4ed2a07

Contemporary Wall Mounted Coat Rack


Item collection 1d0119e0 8aba 40b8 914a e69e18dd1757

iPhone Stand, Modern, Recycled Wood, iPhone Charging Stand


Item collection df0a12d5 59e2 4aa1 8e38 a5a1fb18fe06

Multipurpose Wardrobe Hooks for Belts, Ties, Scarves, Hair Bands, and More - Recycled Cedar Wood, and Metal - Natural Finish


Item collection 1b0f4a3d d0c9 4c0b 9637 2f5d1fae661d

Wooden Business Card Holder in Choice of Light Wood, Medium, or Dark


Item collection 0e24fc3b 5b5a 4646 bcd3 bae0552d58a9

Butcher Block Style Device Holder iPhone Stand, iPhone Charging Dock, in Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Home Decor, Rustic


Item collection 6940fced af1e 4439 9d58 874eb84d59f2

Unique Wood and Metal Business Card Holder


Item collection 0560965a 38ff 4b93 890a bc301df8b2cb

Wall Mountable Wooden Soap Dish, Wood Soap Holder


Item collection 1a455220 499e 4e42 8a12 d01ae8ca93e6

Wall Mount Stand for Smartphones, Angled Wall Mount Holder


Item collection 8a295a6f a27f 4723 8e0a 5ff317089d20

Dark Bronze or Satin Nickel Triple Towel Hook in Rustic Reclaimed Wood


Item collection 0b238fe5 c026 4cb6 a80d ed81d1f65cb0

Contemporary Business Card Holder - Office Decor - Office Supplies - Striped Wood - Modern


Item collection ae2b9d49 1bcd 497f a6d2 945d2f728dfb

Reclaimed Wood Pencil Cup, Office Supplies, Square Pencil Cup, Wood Pen Holder, Boss Gift, Coworker Gift, Recycled Wood, Desk Organizer


Item collection ee6d408e 0ccf 4fa9 87c4 df9ebdc0a418

Pencil Cup, Pen Holder, Modern Office Decor, Recycled Wood


Item collection ff064cec 653f 4b0d a294 2fe4e8a8e67f

Rustic Modern Desktop Organizer in Wood and Metal - Office Decor - Office Supplies - Pencil Cup


Item collection 2cf95e92 0644 498e 8642 5b6ae51016a0

Small Pencil Cup - Office Decor - Wood Pencil Cup - Pen Holder - Metal - Recycled Wood - Office Supplies


Item collection b761d23a 8300 4069 842b 976d95aa45d5

Wall Hooks - Wood and Metal - Home D├ęcor - Set of Three - Modern Wood Coat Hooks


Item collection 38d3d7a4 f1ef 40f5 8033 7668036f1cda

Wood and Metal Butcher Block Pencil Holder


Item collection bf171b48 74f3 4e0d 82f2 a67b211aebf0

Set of Three Wall Hooks, Modern Decor, Wall Hooks in Reclaimed Wood, with Mounting Hardware


Item collection 37c36207 05e1 481a 9ad9 2717230dee2b

Towel Rack, Modern Robe Hook with Three Brushed Metal Pegs


Item collection fc2b87ad a3a7 4744 9ebc bb667ffcb26b

Small Modern Bud Vase in Wood and Metal - Small Vase - Small Modern Vase - Light Wood - Dark Wood - Medium Wood


Item collection 6d3b144d 453e 4fa3 9f60 8846790cc010

Modern Style Robe Hook with Brushed Nickel or Bronze Hooks


Item collection ffe9434a 5f7d 4a12 9c7a 094b0e3ad97b

Rustic Wood and Metal Robe Hanger - Reclaimed Wood - Home Decor - Bathroom Decor - Bathroom Hooks


Item collection 2a238805 b6ba 491c 852b e6597b956fee

Bookends - Office Decor - Modern - Rustic - Industrial - Reclaimed Wood - Shelf Decor


Item collection 608fc37f 0af0 4207 985f b3d1cea01954

Mason Jar Wall Organizer in Recycled Wood


Recycled Wood Gifts and Decor

Andrew's Reclaimed, recycled wood gifts and home decor. We make a variety of decor for home, all from recycled and reclaimed wood. Desk organizers, and smartphone stands, jewelry racks, herb planters, coat racks, decorative wood accents and more.