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Modern Wood Spice Rack, Wall Mountable, Chef Gift, Housewarming Gift


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Marker Holder Wood Block Wall Holder for Sharpies and Dry Erase Markers


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White Wood Succulent Planter, Country Rustic Theme Cottage Chic Decor, Wedding Decor, White Distressed Finish


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Metal Planter, Succulent Planter, Round, Brushed Metal


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Wood Sharpie Marker Holder - Dry Erase Marker Holder - Office Supplies


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Cottage Rustic Succulent Planter, Chic Decor, White Distressed Finish, Rustic Wood Wedding Decor


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Tie Rack, Rustic Wood and Modern Metal


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Small Wood Jewelry Rack in Reclaimed Wood with Dark Metal Nails


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Wood and Metal Jewelry Rack, Modern Home Decor


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Vertical Striped Entryway Hooks in Bright Brushed Metal and Wood, Set of Three


Recycled Wood Gifts and Decor

Andrew's Reclaimed, recycled wood gifts and home decor. We make a variety of decor for home, all from recycled and reclaimed wood. Desk organizers, and smartphone stands, jewelry racks, herb planters, coat racks, decorative wood accents and more.