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Towel Rack, Modern Robe Hook with Three Brushed Metal Pegs


Item collection 0311eef2 d0a8 417f b48a 06c65cbe44a2

Contemporary Business Card Holder


Item collection 8beb15d5 934c 4236 bfed 8f49f49a295a

Desktop Organizer, Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Metal


Item collection 7537f09c ffc0 44b1 8b1f e00fef489aa8

Contemporary Wall Mounted Coat Rack


Item collection 0ed29e4a 0fc4 4256 a734 fc24869861bc

Butcher Block Style Device Holder iPhone Stand in Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Home Decor, Rustic


Item collection c69c292a 6ef8 4835 9829 c2740fb373c8

Rustic Modern Desktop Organizer in Wood and Metal


Item collection 90d7ab35 d749 4f41 b0df 2208ee8195fc

Wood and Metal Butcher Block Pencil Holder


Item collection 516a9e8d c2f8 4d1a 8bc0 8a4a2eea9387

Wall Mount Stand for Smartphones, Angled Wall Mount Holder


Item collection 6940fced af1e 4439 9d58 874eb84d59f2

Unique Wood and Metal Business Card Holder


Item collection 1b40989c e2aa 437d 8cfb dcc6a05ffdb3

Reclaimed Wood Pencil Cup, Office Supplies, Square Pencil Cup, Wood Pen Holder


Item collection 57f5bd6b 4f8e 4c77 b296 ffee0f3808c7

Herb Planter Box, Simple Modern Cedar Wood with Rubber Feet


Item collection 2b7888ae f255 4549 a19c 30ffe219b30a

Stylish Wood Tea Light Candleholder, Single


Item collection cf7c5b29 4972 4e28 905b f6954f1acd79

Repurposed Wood Desktop Organizer Office Tool Holder


Item collection ca31f9e3 58f3 45b0 8168 e7439b18d840

Contemporary Wood and Metal Wall Pegs, Set of Three


Item collection 4708268f c3b8 4fad b596 87ed547d28be

Recycled Wood Pencil Cup Desk Caddy


Item collection 80df4c8f 7b65 43c1 8fab 4c0477bd4da7

Headphone Hook, Studio Decor, DJ Gift, Audiophile Gift, Wall Headphones Hook


Item collection 12dc5331 7f21 49ea a37b 56d233d0b4b5

Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planter Pot


Item collection b2d2f99e 476f 4920 8dc8 10bb8fd4679c

Tie Rack, Modern Style in Reclaimed Wood


Item collection 1fb96299 9f6a 4715 b707 14031b2e9db4

Industrial Modern Coat Rack, Recycled Wood and Aluminum


Item collection eafde928 ec27 46eb b7ec 1e23ed284f72

Large Smartphone Holder in Salvaged Wood


Item collection 59f9828b ec46 4ad7 af5f 5a2191424b3c

Wood and Metal Business Card Holder


Item collection c968e7e4 792a 4708 8966 46d96fde9f47

Modern Style Wooden Candleholder


Item collection 409d4db5 171d 4ee3 ae09 f9f865427c6e

Wooden iPhone Wall Stand


Item collection 608fc37f 0af0 4207 985f b3d1cea01954

Mason Jar Wall Organizer in Recycled Wood


Item collection bd99f05b e62f 432b 928c 255ae3d4aa7e

Wall Hook for Headphones in Recycled Wood


Item collection 1cc8e38d fb25 4f14 822e 25f1131ab742

Business Card Holder in Recycled Wood


Item collection 07e9e4f0 8783 4190 8f04 e419dbbb84e8

Recycled Wood Candle Holder


Item collection b39db712 54a0 49b8 844c a99cf1fb7738

Rustic Wall Jewelry Rack in Reclaimed Wood, Home Decor


Item collection 6883a39c b02e 4506 bae1 a9742ba5214b

Rustic Wood and Metal Robe Hanger


Item collection aded65a5 d949 4c5b b4d8 725fc99ab991

Minimalist Recycled Wood iPad Holder


Recycled Wood Gifts and Decor

Andrew's Reclaimed, recycled wood gifts and home decor. We make a variety of decor for home, all from recycled and reclaimed wood. Desk organizers, and smartphone stands, jewelry racks, herb planters, coat racks, decorative wood accents and more.