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Test Tube Wall Vase, Small Wall Bud Vase


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Modern Wood Succulent Planters, Cube Shaped, in Recycled Cedar Wood


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Magnetic Fridge Vase, Test Tube Vase


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Wall Succulent Planter from Recycled Metal Pipe


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Long Wheat Grass Planter in Recycled Wood, For Table Centerpiece or Window Ledge


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Succulent Planter Window Box in Reclaimed Wood


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Herb Planter Box, Simple Modern Cedar Wood with Rubber Feet


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Reclaimed Wood Minimalist Succulent Planter Pot


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Wood Succulent Planter


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Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planter Pot


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Modern Square Recycled Wood Succulent Box


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Metal Succulent Pot


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Hanging Wood-Pecker Feeder in Reclaimed Wood


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Wooden Garden Markers - Pack of 10


Recycled Wood Gifts and Decor

Andrew's Reclaimed, recycled wood gifts and home decor. We make a variety of decor for home, all from recycled and reclaimed wood. Desk organizers, and smartphone stands, jewelry racks, herb planters, coat racks, decorative wood accents and more.