Wall Mountable Wooden Soap Dish, Wood Soap Holder

$31.00 USD


Product Description

This unusual soap dish for the bathroom is milled from one solid piece of solid wood. The grooves channel water away from the soap to allow for a longer lasting soap bar. With a good length and width, and deeper grooves, this soap dish will also allow for air to circulate freely, keeping your soap nice and dry as a bone on the bottom.

It makes softer handmade soaps last a lot longer.

Wall mountable by your sink or vanity for soaps, scrubbers, sponges, and the like. Available with and without a wall bracket.

Or an excellent spot for scrubbies, sponges and such.

With recycled cedar, many cuts will show small marks in the wood, old nail holes and the like. Some may not. To exclude such character marks please leave us a message “Modern” with your order.

Includes anchors and screws for 3/8" and 1/2" (standards) drywall.

5" wide
3" deep
1" tall

Wall Mountable Wooden Soap Dish, Wood Soap Holder

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